Utility Bill

Those small expenses matter to your loved ones while they are a click or tap away from you.

Mela allows you to directly contribute to the utility bills of your family, friend or relative through Kifiya's unified billing service, currently being provided by 36 Lehulu centers in Ethiopia. Kifiya's unified billing service provides payment services to five major utility companies: water, electricity, post-paid telephone and traffic fines collection.

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Health Insurance

You're sure to be there for your loved ones in their time of need, now that Mela provides you with a way to cover direct and indirect hospitalization and illness costs.

Direct costs include inpatient and outpatient hospitalization costs, ambulatory care, laboratory test costs, prescriptions and over the counter drugs, while indirect costs are costs that are associated to loss of income during hospitalization. Kifiya's Health Insurance Cash product (HCP) allows you to cover hospitalization costs from anywhere in the world through Mela.

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Edir (Bereavement Contribution)

Edir has an immense social worth to parents. Now Mela makes it super easy for you to pay monthly dues on their behalf.

Bereavement products are culturally significant micro insurance products that offer a wide range of coverage and services that enable users to manage income shocks associated with bereavement. Mela offers direct payment to these unique services that focus on the needs of both the individual and community, while addressing their respective needs when managing the process of death and bereavement.

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School Fees

Show how much you care for your loved ones' future by paying for their education.

Kifiya and partner schools offer you a direct payment of school fees through Mela.

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Top Up Airtime

Want to make sure your family always stays connected? Use Mela Air time top-up service. Mela allows you to electronically top-up airtime for your loved ones back home

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